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Getting the scent out is key to successfully catching fish. Creating that special chum slick depends on surface current and makes the difference in bringing fish to you or going home empty handed. Usually chum is tossed out the boat and allowed to drift with the current.

Our Chum Pot takes this to a different level. You fill the pot with something like minced fish, attach it to your line, and lower it to the bottom. You can also drop your bait to the bottom, snap on the pot, and let it sink. This creates a slick on the way down and attracts fish on the lake or sea floor.

While on the floor or suspended above, the pot rolls around in the current and oozes whatever you use around your bait. The top easily snaps off and on and is virtually indestructible. If you can get it in the pot, you can stream it in the water.

The CHUM Pot is sold in a pack of five for $8.95. Time to get you slick on !!!
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