Multi-Hook Ganion
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Fits (Up To) 6,7,8,9,10, to 11 ft Rods
Protect your rods from dirt, wear and tear associated with transport and storage. Good rods are expensive and this solution can make for a better day on the water.

Price - $6.99 - $10.89
Chum Pots
We have elevated the lowly Ganion to a real fish catching product. Traditional Ganions are disposable and lose as many fish as they catch. Fish loss happens when fish spin off when being reeled up, and their mouths are torn. Product testing was done on Sand Dabs and other Rock Fish and we improved survival rates as were able to release healthier fish.

Our deep water Ganion comes ready to use and are complete with chrome barrel swivles, and 10 replaceable hooks.  After a hard day of fishing, bent and dull hooks are easily replaced. This rig also works well for catching Squid. Attach one or two light sources instead of hooks and you are ready to go
This Chum Pot is for attracting fish to your rig. Lid snaps on and off and you can add your favorite attractant. Ideal for getting that bait fish slick into the current. Bead colors may vary. Comes in a pack of five for $5.99.

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