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Deep Water Ganions

We have elevated the lowly Ganion to a real fish catching machine. Traditional Ganions are disposable and lose as many fish as they catch.

Fish loss happens when fish spin off while being reeled to the surface, and their mouths are torn. This often leads to fish coming off down deep or when they get close to the surface allowing you to watch them float to the surface to be eaten by birds or something else. Rockfish often float up with their mouth wide open causing them to spin tearing larger holes in the lip and coming off when there is the slightest amount of slack in the line.

Product testing was done on left coast Sand Dabs and other Rock Fish and, we improved survival rates and were able to release healthier fish.

Our deep water Ganion comes ready to use and are complete with chrome barrel swivles, and 10 replaceable hooks.  After a hard day of fishing, bent and dull hooks are easily replaced by design.

This rig also works well for catching Squid. Attach one or two light sources instead of hooks and you are ready to go.
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